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Paros, a true jewel among the Cyclades, lies centrally placed right in the middle of the Aegean and easily reached by sea from Pireaus (92 miles), or by air from Athens (20min flight). It is the fourth largest island of the Cyclades (185 km) and is situated about at the actual geographical center of this island group.

The island of poet “Archilochos” and sculptor “Skopas”, is the fourth largest island of the Cyclades (185 km) and is situated about at the actual geographical center of this island Cyclades group.

The island is blessed with unbounded physical beauty. The powerful landscape is rocky as well as soft-lined and serene, mountains and hills alternate with the sea whilst the coastline is dotted with innumerable beaches.

The land is planted with vines, olive trees, fruit trees and vegetables.

Some of the most notable items of local produce are the famous Parian wine, olive, oil, vinegar, cheeses and herbs.

Paros offers to the visitor plenty of possibilities for interesting tours and excursions, not only on the island itself but to all the other islands scattered around it. Among the places you should not fail to visit are, Prodromos, Kostos, Aliki, Piso Livadi, Drios, the beaches of Kolybithres, Monastiri, Santa Maria, Ambelas, Faraggas, Molos, Chrissi Akti (where the annual international windsurfing cup takes place), the old marble quarry at Marathi, the “Butterlies” valley; while no to be missed are of course Lefkes, the old Capital of Paros with the traditional houses in the interior of the island.

With more than 4,000 years of cultural history, endless beaches for all tastes, cosmopolitan island harbor towns, mountainous picturesque villages, ancient temples, castles and white washed Christian and Byzantine churches, Paros is a magical destination of visitors from all over the world.

Parikia – is the present Capital and main port of Paros, that plaid an important part on the history of Paros.  In its midst can be found the famous church of the Virgin of Ekatontapyliani (the Lady of the one hundred doors). The church built 1700 years ago, is considered to be one of the most important Byzantine monuments in the country. An archaeological museum is also situated in Parikia displaying important findings of 6.000 years of history.

Parikia is built amphitheatrically around the port and has a typical Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed cubic and flat roofed houses with spare architectural lines and coloured wooden doors, windows and balconies. On the entrance of the port, a superb whitewashed windmill welcomes the visitors and constitutes the trademark of Paros. Numerous restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars and night clubs are lying at the first side of the coast.

Naoussa – The picturesque seaside village with 2.100 residents,  is the most precious jewel of Paros.

Walks along the narrow side streets, visitor can watch a stunning beauty. White little houses with flowers and blue windows and doors, hand painted streets, windmills, pigeon keepers, chimneys, lots of little churches, small shops and wonderful restaurants and cafes, as well as beautiful tiny shops.

There are important archaeological sites and monuments in the area such as the Acropolis of Koukounaries, the Economos island, where they excavated a part of fortification, as sunk pier and carvings on natural rock, the ancient Tower between Naoussa and Ambelas, installations from the time of Mykines in Saint Yianis Detis, in Filizi and Kardagoura, as well as the Venetian Castle, built in the 14th century, which is now sinking in the port of Naousa.

Feel the experience year round at the unspoiled Cycladic landscape of the Cultural Paros Park within the Saint Yiannis Detis peninsula. The unique rock formations, the blue green waters and the multi colored flowers that adorn the surrounding slopes, come together to create a stunning scene. Discover the natural beauty and spectacular views along the clearly mapped out Walking Paths and attend, between June and October, one of the many exciting cultural events.

An unforgettable Nighlife is waiting for you in front of the little port of Naoussa. Cocktails, dancing and clubbing all night. Greece has fun everywhere…